Marketing should drive more sales and conversions

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Marketing is what we do to ensure our brand is promoted to grow our businesses. And it's critical to know how those marketing $ are used and see results: more sales and conversions.

The beauty of digital marketing compared to traditional, print-based marketing is that it's inherently measurable and trackable.  So we should expect to see an ROI. SEO is a digital strategy which if done right takes time and bigger budgets to generate the ROI we need to make the investment worthwhile.

We consider what those critical SEO success factors are in this webinar by focussing on the following strategies:

  • Mobile SEO and optimzed websites for mobile devices
  • Measurement and making marketing decisions based on data 
  • Tracking conversions to map the effectiveness of your overall search marketing activities

By the end, you and your team will have actionable “to-dos” that can positively impact your search strategies and make sure that the outcomes are measureable conversion.

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