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Validate your digital marketing strategy for 2015

Get your digital marketing strategy up and running in 2015 with the help of our complimentary Marketing Kits. Throughout 2014, we’ve been sharing key digital marketing tips, tools and techniques. From search tactics to mobile strategies, social media wisdom to tips for building a great website – we’ve tried to cover everything this year!

Now we wrap all our wisdom up in one entire package, to bring to you 4 complimentary marketing kits that may as well be called the encyclopedia of digital marketing. The 4 kits explore world class strategies for your site, search, social and mobile initiatives. Fill out the form and pick one or all depending on your needs:

  • SITE - A Complete Kit for a Full Website Overhaul 
  • SEARCH - The Ultimate Kit to Perfecting Your Search Marketing Strategy 
  • SOCIAL - A DIY Kit for A Social Media Facelift 
  • MOBILE - An Essential Marketing Kit for Competing in a Mobile World 

And yes, we love sharing – so if you know anybody who can profit from using the tools and techniques stored in these kits, please be sure to share this page with them.

If you have any questions about your digital strategy, I would love to hear from you. On behalf of everyone at WSI, I wish you and your team a very successful New Year!

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