17 SEO Myths you need to know                             17-SEO-Myths


Learn the truth about SEO from the top digital marketing minds by downloading our free e-book - 17 SEO Myths.  Here's why you need to know:

  • SEO has changed dramatically over the past decade
  • Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates shook the world of SEO professionals 
  • Businesses saw their rankings drop and continue to struggle with how to get them back up
In fact, SEO has changed so much in the past several years that many executives, sales and marketing professionals, and business owners aren’t sure about:
  • What’s outdated
  • What’s important
  • What will actually move the needle
  • What’s simply wasted effort.

This guide is going to point out all of the most common myths and assumptions about how SEO works and debunk them for you, so you’re not wasting a single moment on things that simply don’t matter for SEO now and in the future. Let’s get started.

Download the free e-book: 17 SEO Myths